On Tattoos

Introducing the first of several non-dental blogs which are important health and well-being guides.

Several reasons to avoid tattoos based on a growing body of evidence:

The first: their presence inhibits the use of MRI’s (magnetic resonance imaging). The explanation of this is, the dark blue and black coloring contains ferrous metal particles which are magnetic.

The second: their presence interferes with the ability of the skin to perform one of its important functions- that of maintaining bodily temperatures by the process of perspiring.

The third: their presence causes an accumulation of titanium dioxide (an ingredient in ink used in tattoo parlors) in the lymph nodes, which are a very important part of the immune system. 

The fourth: when red coloring in a tattoo is generated by cinnabar (HqS – mercuric sulfide), the risk of skin cancer is increased.

In my opinion it leaves one to wonder why, with evidence that is only increasingly supporting its toxicity to the overall health of the body, the MN Department of Health continues to license tattoo parlors.

Suggestion: Care for your entire body as if it is the best body you will ever have.