Advantages Of Gold Crowns

  1. They fit tighter than any other crown. (See comparison research published in JADA)
  2. They have the thinnest cement lines when the preparation of the abutment is less than 10 degrees of taper.
  3. They can bind a cracked tooth together.
  4. They are unbreakable.
  5. They do not chip or crack.
  6. Gold is malleable and therefore the functional surface of a crown will distort slightly in response to continuous use which can identify areas needing adjustment.
  7. They can be altered, repaired and re-cemented.
  8. They never corrode.
  9. There is no allergy to gold.
  10. They wear at the same rate as tooth enamel. (Porcelain abrades enamel)
  11. They can be polished and re-polished.
  12. The adjacent gum tissue will be healthy when the axial anatomy is correct.
  13. They require the least removal of tooth structure. (Worst alternate–shoulder preparation for milled crowns, especially same day service) 
  14. They are less costly than white crowns, such as porcelain fused to metal.