Addendum to Oral Hygiene blog

Blog #2–Addendum

If once daily you have thoroughly cleaned the gumlines surrounding each of your teeth but missed most of the remaining enamel surfaces you will have succeeded. Alternately, if the reverse is the result, you will have failed miserably. Reason—all periodontal problems which result in damage to gums, connective tissue and bone support begin at the gumline. Because the enamel is a fraction of a millimeter thin at the gumline, compared with several millimeters thick on the functional surfaces, many carious lesions (decay) begin at or near the gumline and rapidly progress. Also sensitivity to various stimuli is traceable to this same region. Usually later in the aging process, the root surfaces that can be exposed because of natural recession or incorrect brushing, toothbrush bristles that are too stiff or both often lead to a restart of the decay process. See blog on xerostomia and importance of anatomic accuracy when extensive repair work is needed.

Because of the importance of the above, you will receive a new toothbrush whose unique design aids all of us in succeeding in this important region. At your next visit we will provide a demonstration as to how to beneift from its shape.